• Introduction to anatomy of the animal model (pigs)

Room of Experimental Surgery


  • Trocar positions
  • Traction and creation of bowel loops
  • Bowel splitting and anastomosis
  • Use of gravity for field creation


  • Bladder sedimentation and drainage
  • Mobilisation of rectus along aorta
  • Splitting of rectus and anastomosis at various levels
  • Small bowel resection and endosomal anastomosis
  • Preparation of the blind from the terminal ileum
  • Blind-ectomy
  • Colostomy and colostomy closure
  • Spleen-ectomy (as in haemorrhage)
  • Suture of intestine section

Video “Tips & Tricks”

  • Interactive video projection.
    Before or after (based on the programme) the training on the animal model, the trainees take part in the video projection “Tips & Tricks”. These projections analyse each step of the colorectal laparoscopic interventions, with an in-depth analysis, practical advice and discussion. The participants have the opportunity to express their concerns and get answers on all practical issues of these interventions during the interactive projection.

27 APRIL, Interventions of Left Colon

  • Trocar positioning
  • Field creation
  • Recognition of Inferior Mesenteric Artery (variants, protection of ureter)
  • Ligation of Inferior Mesenteric Artery (clips, cutting and stitching machine, protection of ureter)
  • Mobilisation of splenic flexure
  • Endosomal rectal section
  • Anastomosis (use of circular anastomotic device, control)
  • Left colectomy ICG

29 JUNE, Total Mesorectal Excision

  • TME
  • Endosomal rectal section
  • Intersphincteric rectal excision
  • Endosomal anastomosis
  • Rectal anastomosis

21 SEPTEMBER, Interventions of Right Colon

  • Laparoscopic access to the obese patient
  • Trocar positioning
  • Creation and ligation of ileal-rectal vessels
  • Medial-to-lateral right colon creation
  • Lateral-to-medial right colon creation
  • Endosomal anastomosis
  • Right colectomy ICG


  • System preparation and positioning
  • Excision of anterior wall damage
  • Excision of rear wall damage
  • Excision of upper rectus damage
  • Conversion to Laparoscopic Ectomy
  • TaTME technique