Alexis Theodorou is a general and visceral surgeon with expertise in minimal
invasice surgery, abdominal wall surgery and acute care surgery. He graduated
from the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and concluded
his surgical residency in Germany in the academic hospital of Cologne, Klinikum
Oberberg and in the University Hospital of Bonn. He retains scientific cooperation
with both sites as a researcher. He is a candidate in the MSc in Healthcare
Policy, Innovation and Management of the University of Maastricht.
He is a member of the Social Media Advisory Committee and Lead of the
Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Task Force of the Education Committee of the
European Hernia Society and a regular trainer/Tutor for the Hernia
Masterclasses of the Society.
Since 2022 he returned to Greece and works in the 1 st Surgical Unit in the Hygeia
Hospital. Additionally is a surgical researcher in the Department of Surgery of the
Aretaieion University Hospital of Athens.
He was a founding member and president of the Hellenic Doctors Society in
North Rhine Westfalia and acts as the coordinator for the Standing Committee of
the Hellenic Medical Diaspora.

He is a representative for the European Junior Doctors in the UEMS European
Board of Surgery in matters of surgical education.
He is elected secretary general of the Hellenic Hernia Society.