Proctoring & Surgical Coaching

The NoDE institute is currently organizing a mission to Uganda of NoDE faculty doctors, nurses and other volunteers, to offer medical assistance and to proctor on site colleagues who do not have access to medical meetings and courses. It is scheduled for July 2019 and will consist of 2 groups of volunteers, relative to their area of expertise: a public health team and a medical team.

  • The 1st team will visit rural areas in the mainland of Uganda to guide on issues of public health, hygiene, family planning, emergency response to severe incidents in minimal resource conditions and to perform vaccinations.
  • At the same time, the 2nd team will perform surgical operations at the Holy Cross Orthodox Hospital in Namungoona, the Namayumba Hospital and the Mulago University Hospital in Kampala. Furthermore, as our colleagues in Uganda probably don’t have the time or means to attend postgraduate seminars and congresses, training and updates in the field of surgery will be offered to surgeons who wish to attend. The cost of surgical operations and hospitalization will be covered by the NoDE Institute. Moreover, all medical equipment shipped to Uganda for the mission’s needs, will be donated to the hospitals visited.

Uganda mission members:

  • Constantinos Mavrantonis – Colorectal Surgeon, Chairman – NoDE Institute
  • Ioannis Evgenidis – Medical Doctor, Group Coordinator
  • Dionisia Doulaveri – Public health expert – NoDE Institute Project Coordinator
  • Sotirios-Georgios Panousopoulos – Gereral Surgeon
  • Georgios Karageorgopoulos – Anesthesiologist
  • Panagiotis Lazaridis – Gereral Surgeon
  • Ioanna Katarachia – O. R. Nurse
  • Dimitrios Baibakis – Anesthesiology Nurse
  • Despοina Pappa – I.C.U. Nurse
  • Sofia Patsiaoura – O. R. Nurse
  • Christina Seferli – Physiotherapist
  • Dimitris Vlachos –  I.C.U. Nurse
  • Alkmini Mavrantoni – Psychology Student
  • Sofoklis Mavrantonis – Medical Student

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