Multi-modality advanced surgical course  with cadaveric dissection

The pandemic has changed many aspects of education. Nonetheless, the NoDE Institute – Network of Doctors’​ Education has managed to continue it’s Courses as always.

This weekend, the “Multi-modality Advanced Surgical Course with Cadaveric Dissection” in collaboration with #Ethicon will take place.

Following this, the 2nd Chapter of the C.LA.S.S ’20 Courses (Colorectal Laparoscopic Surgical Skills) will take place with Mark Whiteford. The course will include hands-on human cadaveric dissection, #TaTME tips and tricks, problem based learning, virtual reality simulators and live laparoscopic colorectal surgery.
At the NoDE, we believe that surgical postgraduate education must be
1) tailor-made,
2) for small groups and
3) free of charge for our trainees

Venue: ΥΓΕΙΑ / Hygeia Hospital
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