The NoDE Institute – Network of Doctors’​ Education organizes hands-on Surgical Postgraduate Training Courses.

NoDE Institute - Network of Doctors'​ Education organizes hands-on Surgical Postgraduate Training Courses.

The  organizes hands-on Surgical Postgraduate Training Courses. These are tailor-made and for small groups of trainees.

Reaching the end of 2020, we made an assessment of the institute’s Educational Activities during its 2 years of existence. And what we saw gave us all the more reason to continue with more stamina, more enthusiasm, more perseverance.

The NoDE brought to you:

  • 27 Educational Programs, totaling
  • 1706 training hours. And although our training programs are of small groups, we trained
  •  471 colleagues. This took innumerable hours of preparation from our team and included a total number of
  • 98 Speakers & Trainers
  • and 2332 hours of additional training at the Institute’s own Simulation Center

Thanks to the pro-bono work of all the NoDE members and speakers, to our partners in the medical industry and to ΥΓΕΙΑ / Hygeia Hospital, all this is made possible, free of charge for our trainees.

Facing 2021 with absolute optimism, we have prepared a super-busy training program for next year.

Thank you for being part of the community of trainers and trainees of the NoDE Institute.

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