Dear Colleagues,

C.LA.S.S. Seminars constitute one of the training activities of the NoDE Institute. They are completed in 4 Chapters and are designed to provide interactive, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the controversial topics that concern the Large Bowel and Rectal Laparoscopic Surgery.

The basic training pillars, as developed over the last decade, include:

1) Private lessons to the most advanced simulators.

2) Monitoring of colorectal laparoscopic interventions, including TaTME, live from the surgery.

3) Interactive monitoring of video interventions, with guidance to the secrets of success, step by step.

4) Two-day “Host Professor” with Steven D. Wexner, Professor, University of South Florida, Cleveland Clinic Florida and Mariana Berho, Cleveland Clinic Florida.

5) Interactive case discussions through which action algorithms (Problem Based Learning) are presented.

6) Colorectal laparoscopic interventions by trainees, in animal models at BRFAA.

The goal of C.LA.S.S. Courses is the acquisition of sufficient experience from participating colleagues so they can perform colorectal laparoscopic surgery. Within this framework, if they so desire, they will be given guidance in their first interventions.

We look forward to seeing you on February 2019 for the 1st Cycle of the twelfth
year of C.LA.S.S. courses.

Kind regards,
Konstantinos S. Mavrantonis MD, PhD, FACS 
Programme Director,
Director of the 6th Surgical Clinic, DTCA HYGEIA

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