The NoDE Institute is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2018 by the organizers of the Colorectal Laparoscopic Surgical Skills (C.LA.S.S.) Courses.

Our vision is to provide targeted postgraduate education to healthcare professionals via multidisciplinary team training and interactive, technology-augmented programs.

The NoDE institute’s philosophy is that everyone must have direct access to appropriate specialized training, tutoring and proctorship, and that every training activity must be free of charge. It is about sharing knowledge for the benefit of our patients.

Constantinos S. Mavrantonis, MD, PhD, FACS.
Chairman, Founder NoDE Institute
Director, 6th Department of Surgery – SRC Center of Excellence for Colorectal Surgery, Hygeia Hospital, Athens Greece.

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C.LA.S.S. Courses 2019 | 3rd Chapter


C.LA.S.S. Seminars constitute one of the training activities of the NoDE Institute. They are completed in 4 Chapters and are designed to provide interactive, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the controversial topics that concern the Large Bowel and Rectal Laparoscopic Surgery.

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